DISABILITY SOCIAL’S Mission is to promote the

Social Model of Disabilty.

“People are disabled by barriers, not by their impairment or difference.”

We also support the “Stay up Late”

Manifesto for an Ordinary Life.

In order to achieve this, DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB’s commitment to Safeguarding is paramount.

Through the provision of our Social Club, Event’s, Membership Scheme, Recruitment & Partnerships, DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB will ensure to implement and adhere to all relevant legislations, including the Mental capacity Act 2005, Equality Act 2010 & GDPR 2018.

Roles and Responsibilities

DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB have a Duty of Care to our Members, Service-Users, Volunteers, Carer’s and Staff. Therefore we apply Safeguarding strategies to all aspects of our service provisions, including, Communications, Risk Assessments, Strategic Event Planning, a Safer Recruitment Process, and a Structured Volunteer Program.

DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB also take care in protecting the Personal Data of all Members, Staff, Volunteers’ and Service-Users. We take every available precaution when collecting and sharing information and try to minimise risks for visitors when using accessing DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB on our Social Media Platforms.

DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB acknowledge that there is a need for continual learning and improvement and endeavour to remain up to date in all Safeguarding aspects.

All staff and volunteers

Staff and Volunteers are vetted via our Safer Recruitment Program and must complete our mandatory training to familiarise themselves with DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB’s Policies & Procedures.

It is our belief that everyone at
DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB is responsible for Safeguarding.

Breaches of Policy

If anyone involved with
DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB fails to comply with our Safeguarding Policies & Procedures, depending on the nature and consequences of any incident, an individual or combination of the following responses may be required.

Local Authority – Co-ordinated Safeguarding Investigation

Police – Investigation

Referral – To the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

Internal – Review or Co-operation with an external review organisation

Safeguarding Flowchart

Associated Documents:

(Details will be available shortly. Please email info@disabilitysocialclub.com for further details.)

Equality Statement

DISABILITY SOCIAL CLUB is committed to providing an environment which embraces diversity and promotes equality. Everyone who accesses our services or works for us in a paid or voluntary capacity should be safe and feel empowered to promote their autonomy regarding,

Decision making

Personal growth


This applies to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or belief. Everyone has a right to live a life free from abuse.

(We do not provide Personal Care, if you require assistance please bring a Carer)

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